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asphyxiar's Journal

26 September
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80s, absinthe, alexander mcqueen, alfred hitchcock, ancient egypt, anne gwish, architecture, art deco, art nouveau, b.d. wong, back masking, bauhaus, bella morte, big hair, black books, blackmail, blade fetish, bloody dead and sexy, breakfast club, brothers grimm, candle sex, cats, chartreuse, christian death, cinema strange, clan of xymox, corpus delicti, couture, danse society, dark chocolate, das ich, deathrock, diary of dreams, die form, disjecta membra, diva destruction, djing, duo boots, echo and the bunnymen, element, exquisite corpse, faith and the muse, fashion, fear cult, fondue, french, from hell, geisha, gene loves jezebel, goodbye horses, gossip, haujobb, i hate the grates, ikon, interpol, jack the ripper, jean reno, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, kathy acker, kommunity fk, kozyndan, law and order, makeup, mark ryden, marriage, mephisto walz, morrissey, morthem vlade art, new skin, oscar wilde, perfume, pointy boots, poppy z. brite, reading, red, revenge, rozz williams, serial killers, sewing, sex and the city, sex gang children, shadow project, shoes, shopping, silence of the lambs, sina, siouxsie, skinny puppy, smelly cheese, sopor aeternus, speakmarauder, sylvia plath, talk talk, tamara de lempicka, tare panda, tears for fears, the amazing race, the creatures, the cruxshadows, the smiths, the virgin prunes, this mortal coil, tim burton, timo the cat, tintin, tom ford, tones on tail, torrid, trance to the sun, true crime, vivienne westwood, vodka, waterhouse, what up player?, when doves cry, white trash, winter, x-mal deutschland